About Us

In 2009, the Centre of Excellence in Water and Sanitation was established within the Faculty of Environmental Sceinces at Mzuzu University. The Centre is governed by Mzuzu University Act and Statues of 1997. The Centre is accountable to the University senate and council. Its financial transactions are governed by financial regulations of the University and its accounts are subject to both internal and external audit.To complement the Centre, Mzuzu University offers a Bachelor of Science (Water Resources Management and Development), Master of Science (Sanitation) and PhD (Sanitation). Students at each level are included as partners in projects through the Centre’s efforts of WASH sector capacity building.

Our demonstrated track record includes 28 projects, USD$1,574,000 in grants and awards and more than 50 authored papers or presentations.

Our Mission Statement

The Centre’s mission is aligned with Mzuzu University’s: to provide high quality education, training, research, and complementary services to meet the technological, social and economic needs of individuals and communities in Malawi.

Our Primary Objective

The primary objective of the Centre is to improve the effectiveness of sanitation, hygiene practices, and water supply interventions serving Malawi and the surrounding countries. The Centre participates in applied reserach, water quality analysis, training, consultations, outreach programs, and the practical application of research findings.

Our Partners